The Lost Cause

The name came to me in 2011 after I birthed my trademark character “Winston the Whale”. It refers to all of the art we see that conveys a message or cause, and mine… well, there is no cause. It’s just a smiley whale with no agenda but to just keep floating along, lost but happy.

I have deep roots in graffiti and street art. Starting as a graffiti writer on the East Coast at an early age, I am completely self taught and I like it that way. No art school education, just raw experience and way too much trial and error. All of this changed my life for the better and I am grateful for the gift I have been given every single day.

Now calling Portland, Oregon home my work has evolved into what it is through time and life experiences. There are heavy influences from classic cartoons and pop culture that take on an approach that is relatable from many angles. Clean linework and a solid color pallet are elements that define my work and the mediums I choose are very dependable on these two elements. I’m just painting and doodling my way through life and loving every moment of it.

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