Paige Wright

There is a place where we lose ourselves. Some people call it a happy place or spiritual experience or meditation. I find that place within the studio. Human beings need a balance between the physical and the mental. The studio is where there is no hierarchy between movement and thought; one has to think to move and move to think.

Ceramics is a tool I use to investigate identity. Process becomes a metaphor for understanding. There is a filtration of information between what I look at and what is produced out of my hands. The marks and movements recorded in the clay become my thoughts.

I make portraits to analyze memories and understand myself. The act of Portraiture is like how we keep people; particular parts come together to construct a whole. A person’s specific features have to be described or just a vague human is created. By spending time rendering my relations I reflect on human framework and genealogy. Solidifying faces in the ceramic process I suspend the character creating placeholders and monuments that capture ephemeral memories.

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