Maryanna Hoggatt

I was born in the Philippines, raised in the dusty deserts of Arizona, and now live in the rainy city of Portland, Oregon. I attended the Pacific Northwest College of Art but later dropped out, only to land my first solo show in Portland soon after. Over five long years were spent working as a bartender at a neighborhood bar, during which time I created an autobiographical comic series called “Adult Babysitting”. In 2013, I took a leap of faith and went freelance full-time.

Presently, I’m focused on personal work, developing a fantasy narrative called “Animal Battle”. This colorful painting & sculpture series features noble animals in a passionate fight for love, dreams, and ideas against our biggest enemies: fear and doubt. As some of my favorite work to date, Animal Battle is a richly symbolic world brimming with charming costumed beasts, flowing banners, and a whole lotta heart.

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